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New on STN

November 2018

Updates in RAPRA are resuming

October 2018

Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM) now available on STNext™ integrated in the classic STN workflow

September 2018

Third Emtree(R) Thesaurus Update Now Available in Embase

Meet us at

PIUG 2019 Biotechnology Conference,
19. - 20. Feb, Cambridge, MA
IC-SDV 2019 The Meeting,
08. - 09. Apr, Nice
PIUG Annual Conference,
04. - 09. May, Alexandria, VA

STN User Meetings

Frankfurt, 07.05.2019
München, 15.05.2019
Essen, 09.10.2019

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Steps required to set up an STN Easy for Intranets web page on your site

  1. Fill in an IPAA Authorization Form - specifying your IP address information and number of max. concurrent users - and fax it to the STN Customer Service. The STN Customer Service will notify you by e-mail once IP address authorization is activated and will provide you with a new Login ID - the STN Easy for Intranets Site Administrator Login ID.

    To determine the correct IP address for your PC and your users´ PCs, contact your system administrator or use the IP-Address Checker.

    Note: the above step assumes you already have a standard STN Easy only account (offline account setup). If you are new to STN Easy, please set up a standard  STN Easy only account (english order form / german order form) before proceeding with the above step. If you want to deliver SDIs/Posted Results to your user community, you need access to STN via STN Express or STN on the Web. Please set up an STN Full account (english order form / german order form) in this case.
  2. Compile your site requirements, e.g., databases for your end-users, the corporate logo and links you wish to include on your STN Easy for Intranets web page. If you need some help compiling your requirements or if you want to involve your users, you may use this Intranet Requirement Request Form for the kind of information you may want to include. FAQs are also available.
  3. Log on to STN Easy with your Site Administrator´s login ID and click the "STN Easy for Intranets - Setup Assistant" link on the navigation frame. The 'Setup Assistant' will guide you through a few easy steps to customize your STN Easy for Intranets web page. If your site is ready for release to your end-users, click the 'Activate' button on the last page of the assistant.
  4. Finally direct your users to (rather than by putting a link on your corporate intranet. Your users will now have convenient and seamless access to your customized STN Easy for Intranets web page. IPAA eliminates the need for login and password and affords a level of security because only IP authorized users may access STN Easy for Intranets.
  5. Note: the use of STN Easy for Intranets via IPAA involves that ALL CAS Full Text Options are enabled by default (except for academic customers). If you wish to customize your CAS Full Text Options we recommend to make use of the Site Administration Tool for the STN Full-Text Solution.