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Chinese dual filings are now linked within DWPI families

09. February 2018

A long-requested enhancement to the Derwent World Patents Index hasnow been implemented – the handling of Chinese dual filings. This is an important development which will mean more efficient and accurate searching.

Since 2009, under Article 9 of the amended Chinese patent law, it has been possible to file for protection with both a utility model patent and an invention patent.  This throws up a challenge for the patent searcher, as the dual filed pair of applications are published on different dates and have no obvious link with each other. Therefore, they most often ended up in different patent families with no indication that the utility model has an accompanying invention application and vice versa.

Clarivate Analytics has now devised a unique solution to this problem. Starting with DWPI update 2018/09, a new process for the frontfile combines machine learning with human intellect to identify dual filing pairings and assigns them to the correct patent families within days of publication rather than months as with other sources.

The dual filings identified are paired within the same DWPI family, as in the example below.  Note the # symbol identifying the non-convention equivalent utility model.

ACCESSION NUMBER:     2017-84947Y [201801]   WPIX

TITLE:                                     Water fertilizer integrated irrigating device,

                                                 has water-fertilizer mixing tank whose two

                                                 sides are provided with two parallel guide

                                                 rails, where water-fertilizer mixing tank

                                                 provided with bracket that is equipped with

                                                 stirring mechanism

DERWENT CLASS:              P11

INVENTOR:                          LI Y; WANG S; ZHANG B; ZU L


                                                 HUSBANDRY DEV CO LTD

COUNTRY COUNT:           1




      PATENT NO        KIND DATE     WEEK         LA     PG        MAIN IPC


      CN 107409583    A  20171201  (201801)*  ZH    9[4]     

      CN 206909123    U  20180123  (201809)#  ZH                            




      PATENT NO         KIND                                           APPLICATION    DATE


      CN 107409583  A                                                     CN 2017-10402658      20170601

      CN 206909123  U                                                     CN 2017-20624212U  20170601


PRIORITY APPLN. INFO: CN 2017-10402658       20170601

                                                CN 2017-20624212U    20170601


To learn more about DWPI handling of Chinese dual filings, please go here