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February 2020

New legal event data from Croatia, Italy, and Poland in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB

January 2020

Changes to Derwent WPI Update numbering and the total number of annual DWPI updates

December 2019

Derwent World Patents Index: Manual Code revision 2020

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 Summary Sheet


Producer:Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), USA
Coverage:Early 1800s-present
File Size:More than 140 million organic and inorganic substances;
more than 71.1 million sequences (04/2018)
File Type:Numeric, Structure
Content:Chemical substances
STN Easy:Yes

The CAS REGISTRYSM File is a chemical structure and dictionary database that contains unique substance records identified by CAS. Records contain CAS Registry Numbers, CA index names, commonly used synonyms, polymer class terms, structure diagrams (many with stereo-chemical information), molecular formulas, and calculated physical properties, all of which are searchable. Substances containing rings may be retrieved using ring system data; alloys may be retrieved using alloy composition information; polymers may be retrieved using polymer class terms; and protein and nucleic acid sequences may be retrieved using codes for the amino acids or nucleotides. Sequence homology searching is provided through the BLAST® program. The total number of citations to substances in the CA and CAplus files is both searchable and displayable. Structure diagrams are displayable. The LC field indicates other STN files that contain information on the substance and indicates regulatory listings where the substance may occur. A learning file, LREGISTRY, is available. For con­venient choice of pricing, the ZREGISTRY file – identical to REGISTRY – is available. Z-files have no connect-hour charge and higher searchterm pricing, while the standard files have lower connect-hour charges plus searchterm fees.


Chemical Abstracts Service
2540 Olentangy River Road
P. O. Box 3012
Columbus, Ohio 43210-0012
Phone: (+1) 614 447 3600
Fax: (+1) 614 447 3798
Email: help(at)cas(dot)org

Usage Terms

The CAS Information Use Policies which apply to your use of the REGISTRY File on STN are explained in detail.

Contents of CAS Information Use Policies

Part 1:
I. Introduction
II. Definitions

Part 2:
III. Authorized Use of CAS Information

Part 3:
IV. Unauthorized Use of CAS Information
V. Special Permission
VI. Further Information

Further details on the STN Information Keep & Share Program.