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RAPRA (Polymer Library)

 Summary Sheet


Producer: WTI-Frankfurt-digital GmbH
Coverage:1972 - to date
File Size:1.283.193 records (02/2019)
File Type: Bibliographic
Content:Rubber and plastics industries
Language: English
STN Easy:Yes

RAPRA (Polymer Library) is the world largest abstracts database dedicated to plastics, rubber, polymeric composites and adhesives. It covers the science, technology and business of polymers. The file covers literature from 1972 to date. The sources are journals, conference contributions, books, reports, standards, company publications and other non-conventional literature. Patents are covered until 2010. Bibliographic information, indexing information, corporate information, and abstracts are searchable. Online thesauri are available for the Controlled Term (/CT), Geographic Term (/GT), and Non-Polymer Term (/NPT) fields.


WTI-Frankfurt-digital GmbH
Ferdinand-Happ-Straße 32
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: (+49) 69 4308-111
Fax: (+49) 69 4308-200
Email: kontakt(at)wti-frankfurt(dot)de
Copyright Holder

Usage Terms

The following database producer's special conditions for use of his database(s) apply to your use of the RAPRA file on STN.

I. General Part

1. Scope
Section 2 to 4 of these conditions apply to all databases offered via STN Karlsruhe as far as no differing regulations are specified under II. Special Part

2. Customers

A customer is an individual or an institution (i.e. a legal body such as a university, public authority, company) for whom online access has been ordered.

3. Search Results
All rights are reserved.

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4. Warranty and Liability
The database producers shall use their best efforts to deliver correct information in their databases, however, they do not accept warrenty and liability for completeness, accuracy and timeliness unless set out differently in II. Special Part.


II. Special Part

Users detecting flaws preventing proper use of the data contained in the databases produced by Rapra shall notify Rapra thereof, and Rapra will do everything in his power to correct errors. Apart from this, Rapra does not give any warranty relating to the data contained in the databases, and shall not accept liability for damage unless damage is caused intentionally or by gross negligence.