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 Summary Sheet


Producer:International Food Information Service, UK
File Size:More than 1.4 million records (07/2018)
File Type:Bibliographic
Content: Food science
STN Easy:Yes

The Food Science and Technology Abstracts database provides worldwide coverage of all scientific and technological aspects of the processing and manufacture of human food products. Coverage includes basic food sciences, biotechnology, hygiene and toxicology, engineering, packaging, and all individual foods and food products. Sources for FSTA include more than 2,200 journals, books, reviews, conference proceedings, patents, standards, and legislation. Bibliographic information, indexing terms, and abstracts are all searchable. The FSTA thesaurus is available online in the Controlled Term (/CT) field.


The Granary,
Bridge Farm
Reading Road,
Berkshire, RG2 9HT, UK
Phone: (+44) 118 9883895
Fax: (+44) 118 9885065
Email: ifis(at)ifis(dot)org
Copyright Holder

Usage Terms

The following use and distribution restrictions apply to your usage of the file on STN. All copyrights are reserved.

Unless specified otherwise in these RESTRICTIONS, CUSTOMER may use copyrighted search results in the following ways:

  1. in copyrighted scientific publications when search results are incidental to the publication and
  2. in reports or a Government Agency that are required by law or by adminstrative rule. Search results delivered to CUSTOMER in computer-readable form remain the property of the Database Producer.

Unless specified otherwise in these RESTRICTIONS, Recipient may use search results in omputer-readable form for the following purposes:

  1. editing or hanging the format of search results to create search terms for use with search files or systems;
  2. combining search results with output from other searches, files or systems to create a consolidated file of search results;
  3. editing the search results to remove irrelevant answers or to change the format of such results.

Recipient may incorporate search results into a database using the STN Data Re-use Feature.
Recipient may create one printed copy of search results from a computer-readable file of search results provided that the Recipient destroys the computer-readable search results upon reation of the printed version.
Recipient shall obtain Database Producer's written permission for any uses of computer-readable search results other than those listed here.

STN Data Re-use Feature:

Recipient may use data from FSTA in accordance with the guidelines of the STN Data Re-Use Feature and these DATABASE PRODUCER SPECIAL CONDITIONS. The downloading of a significant part of the FSTA database is not allowed; the STN Data Re-Use Feature may be used within the following guidelines:

  1. electronic storage of records is limited to 10,000 documents
  2. records may only be stored electronically for 1 year.

You must contact the Database Producer for written permission to exceed these guidelines. The Customer must do his/her best efforts in preventing a theft or inadvertent illicit dissemination of FSTA records. You must display the following copyright notice conspicuously at least once on each packet of information you distribute: Copyright (CURRENT YEAR) International Food Information Service (IFIS Publishing).

Information Brokerage:

You may make and provide one copy of information you have obtained from FSTA to your customer outside your organisation, for whom you have been engaged to conduct specific searches, provided that you place our copyright notice on the material. (You may keep a copy for backup purposes.) Your customer may subsequently use the information according to these Guidelines. When invoicing your customer, you are not permitted to increase the price of FSTA records on the itemised invoice, but you are permitted to add in your own search fee.

Warranty and liability:

Where the database includes abstracts, these were developed to assist customers in finding appropriate information sources and customers should consult the full text of the original sources before reaching or suggesting conclusions based on the contents of the abstract.
IFIS publishing uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that the database contains an accurate representation or interpretation of the original source from which the database abstracts were complied. The presence in or absence from the database of any reference to information, data, events, research or developments does not imply the specific existence or the non-existence thereof, nor does IFIS publishing claim comprehensiveness or the absence of errors. These warranties are in lieu of any and all other warranties, written or oral, EXPRESS or implied, including without limitation, warranties or conditions of quality and fitness for a particular purpose, all of which IFIS publishing exclude and disclaim. In view of the above, all liability is disclaimed for the accuracy, completeness or functioning of the database.
IFIS publishing assumes no responsibility for the customer's use thereof and IFIS publishing shall not be liable for loss of profits, loss of use, or incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages as a result of such use, even if made expressly aware of the possibility thereof. Save in respect of death or personal injury, liability for which cannot be excluded or limited, IFIS publishing shall not in any other circumstances be liable for more than $1,000 (whether such liability arises from breach of warranty, breach of this agreement or otherwise, and whether in contract or in tort, including negligence and strict liability).

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of certain implied warranties or liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply to each Customer and does not exclude any implied warranties or conditions which may not under applicable law be excluded.
This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and is in addition to any other legal rights you may have, which vary from one jurisdiction to another.