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 Summary Sheet


Producer:Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), U.S.A
Coverage:1907-present plus more than 180,000 pre-1907 records
File Size:More than 41.2 million records (04/2015)
Updates:Daily updates with bibliographic data; weekly updates with indexing data
File Type:Bibliographic
Content:Chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical engineering
STN Easy:Yes

Chemical Abstracts Plus covers worldwide literature from all areas of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and related sciences. Since October 1994 all articles from more than 1,600 key chemical journals are added including citations for documents not covered by CA. Coverage includes applied, macromolecular, organic, physical, inorganic, and analytical chemistry. Current sources include over 8,000 journals, patents and patent families from 38 national patent offices and 2 international  patent organizations, technical reports, books, conference proceedings, dissertations, product reviews, bibliographic items, book reviews, and meeting abstracts. Electronic-only journals and Web preprints are also covered. Cited references are included for journals, conference proceedings and basic patents from the U.S., EPO, WIPO, and German patent offices added to the CAS databases from 1999 to the present. CAplus also provides early access to the bibliographic information, abstracts and CAS Registry Numbers for documents in the process of being indexed by CAS. Bibliographic information, indexing terms, CAS roles, CAS Registry Numbers, and abstracts are searchable. Page images for CA abstracts from 1907-1966 are displayable. Hot links giving point-and-click access to cited URL’s are available while using STN Express with Discover! and STN on the Web. A learning file, LCA, is available. CAplus contains thesauri for records from 1967 to the present in the Controlled Term (/CT) field for the CA Lexicon, in the Role (/RL) field for the CAS roles, and in the International Patent Classification fields. In addition, a thesaurus is also available for CA Sections for records from 1907 to the present.

Three pricing options are available:

  • low connect hour with search term charges;
  • connect hour with no search term charges (HCAplus file);
  • and no connect hour charge with higher search term charges (ZCAplus file).


Chemical Abstracts Service
2540 Olentangy River Road
P. O. Box 3012
Columbus, Ohio 43210-0012
Phone: (+1) 614-447-3600
Telefax: (+1) 614-447-3713
Email: help(at)cas(dot)org
Copyright Holder: American Chemical Society (ACS)

Usage Terms

The CAS Information Use Policies which apply to your use of the CAPLUS File on STN are explained in detail.

Contents of CAS Information Use Policies

Part 1:
I. Introduction
II. Definitions

Part 2:
III. Authorized Use of CAS Information

Part 3:
IV. Unauthorized Use of CAS Information
V. Special Permission
VI. Further Information

Further details on the STN Information Keep & Share Program.