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 Summary Sheet


Producer:Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), U.S.A.
File Size: Millions of commercially available products (03/2016)
Updates:Reloaded when new or revised information is available
File Type:Directory, Substance
Content:Catalogs, chemical libraries, suppliers of chemicals, enzymes, proteins, screening compounds, and other biochemicals
STN Easy:Yes

Chemical Catalogs Online is a catalog file containing information about commercially available chemicals and their worldwide suppliers. A record contains the catalog information for the substance provided by the supplier, e.g. the catalog name, chemical and trade names, grade information, CAS Registry Number, Beilstein Registry Number, structure diagram, properties, regulatory information, and prices. Additionally, the record contains the company names and addresses, as well as supplier information, e.g. pricing terms, products and services, packaging and shipping information, safety and handling information. Catalog names, supplier names and addresses, chemical names, and CAS Registry Numbers are searchable. Structure diagrams are displayable.


Chemical Abstracts Service
2540 Olentangy River Road
P. O. Box 3012
Columbus, Ohio 43210-0012 USA
Phone: 800-753-4227 (North America)
Phone: 614-447-3700 (worldwide)
Telefax: (+1) 614-447-3798
Email: help(at)cas(dot)org
Copyright Holder

Usage Terms

The CAS Information Use Policies which apply to your use of the CHEMCATS File on STN are explained in detail.

Contents of CAS Information Use Policies

Part 1:
I. Introduction
II. Definitions

Part 2:
III. Authorized Use of CAS Information

Part 3:
IV. Unauthorized Use of CAS Information
V. Special Permission
VI. Further Information

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